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on this page we keep press reports about our arcade project.


18.2.2017 Porty Video clip direct link

11.1.2017 StreamTV Shots! direct link

9.1.2017 Report and interview direct link

26.12.2016 Pixel 22 Report direct link

10.11.2016 Interplay 126 Report direct link

27.7.2016 Prague Morning Report direct link

26.6.2016 Thematic report direct link

15.6.2016 Magazín Metro Thematic report direct link

27.5.2016 Level 264 "..The best Czech project about Arcades is the ArcadeHry gamehall..We (arcade fans) rely on newly constructed arcades and visiting of ArcadeHry..This represents an excellent choice both for getting know individual games and having fun.."

10.4.2016 Paulie Garand Video clip direct link

23.3.2016 YouTubeNews Mention direct link

22.1.2016 Chip Report direct link

21.11.2015 PrimaCoolTV Applikace Report direct link

2.11.2015 ČT2 Dobre rano Report direct link

30.9.2015 Radio1 Interview direct link

12.8.2015 The Prague Post Interview direct link

27.7.2015 People in Prague Interview direct link

23.6.2015 Metro Weekend tip direct link

12.6.2015 ČT:D Wifina Report direct link

12.5.2015 Český rozhlas Radio Wave Interview direct link

9.4.2015 ČT1 Gejzír Report direct link

7.4.2015 Report direct link

7.4.2015 "..The temple of the men's entertainment, where the difference between day and night fades away..If you had never finished the game on some arcade machine because it would cost you a couple hunderds krowns (if not more), then this is the right sanctuary where you have a chance to do that..." direct link

28.3.2015 PrimaCoolTV Re-Play 5S13 Report direct link

18.2.2015 Vice Interview direct link

14.1.2015 Maxim Interview direct link

20.12.2014 TV Barrandov Our News Report direct link

19.10.2014 Monitor Video clip direct link

7.8.2014 21. Století Junior "..Video games placed in Arcade Hry are true legends. It doesn't matter that the vast majority of them had been created in times, when readers of our magazine hadn't been born yet, because even the most recent games are based on principles pioneered by those old times classics..You can try a lot of different genres of games, like action or sports. There are also the most famous classics like Ms. Pac Man or Space Invaders.." direct link

6.8.2014 Report direct link

1.8.2014 Article direct link

1.8.2014 Article direct link

27.7.2014 Article about our Rampage direct link

25.7.2014 Sterakdary and FlyGunCZ Report direct link

9.7.2014 JakSeStátMilionář Interview direct link

22.6.2014 Article about our Pole Positions direct link

1.6.2014 Interview direct link

1.6.2014 Article about our PaperBoy direct link

11.5.2014 Article about our Challenge direct link

20.2.2014 Generace20 Interview direct link

4.1.2014 All Friends Dead Video clip direct link

1.12.2013 Orion Video clip direct link

11.9.2013 Interview direct link

26.8.2013 "..If you are missing the old times, you can visit the arcade games museum, where they decided to take an opposite direction, and collect all legendary videogames from 70's to the turn of millennium.." direct link

15.7.2013 Article about Arena direct link

24.4.2013 Můj iPad "..Fortunately there is a place where you can personally experience all legendary games, without any fear.." direct link

22.4.2013 Score 232 Interview direct link

13.4.2013 iDNES VíkendDnes "..You can find authentic arcade games in this central Bohemia museum. The concept of this project is unusual and offers a pleasantly interactive trip to the past. You can easily spend such a nice afternoon there, that you would hesitate to leave the gaming hall. .."

13.4.2013 iDNES Bonusweb "..When you enter the museum you find yourself surrounded with blend of vivid colors and quaint sounds. As archaic as this acoustic environment could be, it is also so much characteristic for era of old arcade games. Therefore it create a feeling of nostalgia rather then scorn.." direct link

29.11.2012 ČT1 Události Interview direct link

29.11.2012 ČT1 Studio6 Interview direct link

2.9.2012 Article about our Golden Axe direct link

26.8.2012 Article about our Galaga direct link

23.8.2012 Reflex 34 "..Arcade machines are one of the basic building blocks of the video game medium and belong to the cultural heritage of our playful civilization. Besides that, they are still as entertaining as they used to be in the shady arcades all those years ago.." direct link

22.8.2012 Article about our Operation Thunderbolt direct link

18.8.2012 PrimaCoolTV Re-Play 2s33 direct link

12.8.2012 Article about our Battlezone direct link

11.8.2012 PrimaCoolTV Re-Play 2s32 direct link

6.8.2012 Article about our Ms. Pac-Man direct link

22.7.2012 Article about our Gauntlet direct link

14.7.2012 Article about our Cosmic Alien direct link

8.7.2012 Article about our Space Invaders direct link

19.6.2012 FHM 07/12 "..Patina and a whiff of nostalgia during the game, force you to silently admire those people, who put together these arcade machines on craftsmanship, hardware and software levels, while being considerably limited in usage of today's technological advancements. The people from ArcadeHry will surely go to silicon heaven for maintaining those machines so people can play on them.." direct link

30.5.2012 MetropolTV Indian 9 direct link

29.5.2012 NovaTV Víkend direct link

31.3.2012 Deník Metro Article direct link

29.3.2012 PrimaCoolTV menZONE 9 direct link

28.3.2012 Fight Club Podcast 72 Interview direct link

29.7.2011 Level 207 Interview direct link

23.6.2011 Kladenské listy "..When dozens of old arcade machines are speaking to you in their own way, incredibly nostalgic feelings came along. Blinking and beeping of old arcade hits will never loose its charm. And the main thing is .. they are still enjoyable as hell.." direct link

7.6.2011 ABC 12 "..Arcades are a part of collective memory as well as inherent part of videogames evolution... Just a handfull of similar arcades exist in Europe... It is interesting to find that, even a couple decades after their creation, arcades have the power to attract your attention, bring you into the plot while amusingly showing you a piece of videogames history at the same time.." direct link

4.6.2011 ČT2TV GamePage direct link

21.5.2011 PrimaCoolTV Re-Play 16 direct link

16.5.2011 "..For arcade trailers enthusiasts is the surrounding ideal, since such arcades are well immitated by Arena's wooden building interior enhanced with colorfull neons. In our redaction we all hope this unique project earns its fans and it will prosper..." direct link

14.5.2011 PrimaCoolTV Re-Play 15 "..It was a dream for my generation to have so many Ardade machines in our livingrooms... come and try how hard were games in those times.." direct link

6.5.2011 Score 207 "..It is, in fact, fully-fledged gamer's lair, with dozens of screens are blinking from repaired and fully functional coin-ups. You can try them all despite some pieces are trully museal exhibits. It would be in vain to search for the "do not touch" sign here. If you wish to remember old times, when you as a youngsters occupied some Arcade trailers spending your pocket money, you do not have to look for time machine or mobile DeLorean. Just get the bus no 307 at Zlicin and in a few minutes you are in the small village of Cerveny Ujezd.." direct link

6.5.2011 Level 204 "..This is rather an interactive museum then a gaming hall. And if you are serious about gaming you should know the history of games and feel how entertaining it was.." direct link

21.4.2011 ČT24TV Ekonomika+ "..Old games can entertine even after 30 years. They are easy and nostalgia drives players to them.." direct link

17.4.2011 "..Just as the cycling sezon begins, a group of enthusiasts manage to start a unique project called Arcade Hry. As a title suggests. it is a museum of Arcades, specificaly Arcade machines from famous times of videogame industry.." direct link

16.4.2011 "..I'm not a fan of sweet memories, but I couldn't resizst when I saw 50 arcade machines, with games that used to cost me so much money, nervers and elbow hits. And it was cool. In fact it is still cool since I do not have to change coins anymore.." direct link

13.4.2011 The Prague Post "..For arcade enthusiasts who thought that the advent of the Internet and high-tech personal gaming consoles had spelled "Game Over" for arcade games, the fun has just begun.." direct link