Frequently Asked Questions


We are receiving more and more questions and even though we are trying to describe everything on our pages, not everyone is finding the requested informations. Here we prepared for you a set of most frequent questions and answers. Which should help you with fast orientation.

1. When do you open?
Up to date opening days and times along with current reservations can be find on main page http://www.ArcadeHry.cz, public opening days are:

SATURDAY and SUNDAY 10:00 - 19:00
choosen holidays 10:00 - 19:00

When you come in a publicly open day, you don't need to make any reservation.

2. Where we can find you?
Arena is located on the parking lot of Červený Újezd Castle. The parking is free. When you arrive in the village follow the signs leading to the castle. You can not miss Arena from the parking place. In the navigation you can enter the street U Větráku 280, Červený Újezd.

3. Do you have a list of all Arena games?
Yes, the list is available here http://www.arcadehry.cz/index.php?str=51

4. I am lookig for specific game, can you advice?
Questions about specific games you remember from old times are the most common. Try to describe setting of the game, characters or other game features. We will try to find that game for you or we will give your description to other Arcade players who are often experts in identifying old games.

5. How much is the admission?
All day ticket for adult is 200 CZK, for a school kid 130 CZK and for a preschool kid 50 CZK. If you arrive for last two hours before closing you pay just 130 for adult, 100 for a schoolchild and 50 for preschool child. There is no need to insert coins into the Arcade machines, all of them operate for free.

6. Is it possible to buy some drink?
There is a cooling box in Arena with beverages in pet bottles and cans. Common range of non-alcoholic drinks and Pilsner beer is complemented with energy drinks and radlers.

7. Where can we have some food?

Just 200 meters from Arena there is the Krčma restaurant, which we recommend as a ideal choice to our visitors. If you prefer Italian cuisine. You can order a pizza from Pizza Presto in Unhošť. Deeper in the village you can find local pub Sokolovna. The emergency solution would be a shopping trip to food store Žabka located in the centre of village near bus stop.

8. May I bring my own food and drink to the Arena?
Please consider supporting our project with purchase of drink from our cooling box or by visiting the Krčma restaurant which is our main partner together with the castle.

9. Is it possible to take pictures there?
Sure, you can take pictures here and when you share the gallery of pictures from our Arena please write an address or a link into the description. Our project is based on the community of arcade players and its future depend directly on support of our fans.

Thank you for reading.