Arena gameroom and museum of arcade machines

is a unique project which offers to public a great opportunity to play again the greatest classics from the age of arcades on original arcade cabinets.


If you, just like us, can not forgot all those amazing moments spent in funfair trailers or post-revolution arcade games then our museum is your holy place. On your backward time travel it is allowed to play on all machines, and there are some legendary ones. You can yourselves see pieces older then 30 years. The proper ambiance is created not only by blinking screens and games' logos but also a stylish illumination. Show your kids which games were your favorite!

Vision of our project:

To create, maintain and develop a museum, which would attract unique arcade machines, giving them a chance to live longer by doing so.

In the Arena then provide a public opportunity to play on arcade machines and experience games from different decades of this pillar of entertainment business.

Presentation of legendary games and all our arcade machines in media so they do not diminish from the collective consciousness and allow the players contact with unrepeatable pieces of hardware in this way.

To organize additional cultural events inside the Arena and on external private tours.